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It’s September 15th, 2014. Another homeschool year in effect today for my family. I’m teaching my sister her English subjects and my mom will take care of the rest ;-)

And Fall is almost here! Time for sweaters, coats, boots, tights, scarves (oh the scarves!) hats and anything else you can thing of for fall\winter fashion. :-D

I am so ready for the Christmas season again!

Cozy up.    Encourage guests to kick off their shoes and stay awhile by setting baskets of cute socks near the fire that they can slip on. Lots of blankets and floor pillows enhance the lounge-y vibe, though be forewarned: you’re guaranteed to have a few guests linger way past dinnertime!Kerry's Christmas Tree Love the idea of hanging an initial or little embellishment with a each solid colored stocking ~M

But anyway, I have another “God’s Got This” post coming up. I’ve been taking a short break I guess from blogging.But I’ll try to get back into it! Welp that’s that here are a few Pinterest laughs.

These crack me upFunny Pictures Of The Day - 74 PicsFair argument

Can somebody explain this?




Welcome to the “God’s Got This!” Series. You’ve just stumbled upon part one: Education & Employment. To read my announcement of this series click here.

Question 1: Are you going to college?

Answer: here.

Question 2: Then what are you going to do?

Answer: I am going to be a stay-at-home daughter.

Question 3: What is that?

Answer: For me a stay-at-home daughter is a young lady who aspires to spend her single years, as Jasmine Baucham put it, “in the beautiful environment of the home, under the wise guidance, counsel [and protection] of her father and mother.” (Quoted from “Joyfully at Home” by Jasmine Baucham)

Question 4: Are you planning to work anywhere? Oh wait–you can’t because you didn’t go to college? :?

Answer: First of all,

A high school graduate+ a college education does not = a guaranteed job.

Let’s be realistic please! Second, yes I will be working but not outside the home. I aim to stay home and serve my parents. I cannot do this whole-heartedly if my attention is divided between home life and the outside workforce. (This does not mean  however, that I will not take part in “in-home” money-making activities such as selling items I make or baked goods.)

 Question 5: What will you be doing while you’re at home?

Answer: My goal, “what I want to be when I grow up” is a submissive wife and a nurturing mother to many children. The time I spend at home is meant to be a training ground. Sure, I believe in feminine instincts, but women are not born knowing how to biblically love and serve their husbands and children. That’s why in the book of Titus older women are instructed to,

“…train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.”(Titus 2:4-5 ESV)


Ultimately when I look in the future I’m not looking at 5 years from now or even 10.  I’m focused on my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren. That’s called a multi-generational vision. How I prepare myself for married life and being a mother is sooo important! The saying, “the children are our future,” is a very true saying indeed. How I will parent my children will affect the future.

So, instead of spending MY single years pursing a career, doing missions trips in another country, or 4-6 years away at some institution, I have chosen to make a difference for Christ, right at home.

Thanks for reading! ~Mekenna 

The most asked question at this time in my life is: “What’s the next step?” or “What are your plans now?”  Now, meaning, “now that I have graduated.” When I confidently tell them I plan to be at home they typically come back with, “You’re not going to college?” I reply, “No I’ll be at home.” (This is so out of the ordinary to a lot of people.) My reasons for not going to college are posted here.

Once we get past the shock and flabbergasted-ness of my choosing not to go to college, the conversation usually leads to follow-up questions such as:

Since you’re not going to college;

  • Are you going to get a job?
  • What are you going to do then?
  • You just want to be a wife and mother–
  • What if you never marry?
  • What if your husband dies?
  • What if your husband can’t provide?
  • Since you won’t have a college education how will you get a job?
  • What if you never have children?

Oh the questions! I plan to give detailed explanations to all these questions for all those “concerned” about my future. However, the common denominator to all the questions is a lack of trust in God. I am not opposed to  anyone who has asked me these questions. A lack of knowledge about something stirs up curiosity depending on what it is I would say. It is amazing to see the looks of unbelief that I get from people who just don’t understand.

But anyhow, you can expect to see a new series on these questions coming soon. I hope that it will clear up misconceptions that feminism has blanketed over truths that I plan to uncover. The series will be called: Gods Got This!

Look for it on a blogosphere near you……….. or you can just come here and read it.  ;-)

Now to leave you with a good laugh.


Uh oh

Grandparents be like..

See ya!

Mekenna :D


Today is a post shared from Raising Homemakers.


Summer is the time for graduations. Many, many girls will be graduating from high school this season. Most with the plans of becoming a successful career woman making her first step onto the “ladder of success” with the hopes of one day ending up on top. But, there are a few……. 

There are a few who have chosen a path less traveled; a path that isn’t popular; a path that won’t get the applause from the audience or a standing ovation from the crowd; a path that is counter-cultural. There are a few who have chosen stay-at-home daughterhood.

Today I wanted to offer some words of encouragement to the girl stepping onto this path; embarking on this journey (and to those of us who have been walking this journey already).

To read more click here.

Before graduation I was like:



Now I’m like:

My fellow graduates of 2014:

Pre-Graduation pic with my little sister.

Each graduate had a table where we could display a different things about ourselves.

Grad & Table

I wanted my school colors to be purple and gold.

Congrats Grad

After it was all said and done my mom and I stayed up to about 2 a.m. reflecting on the day.

Not a good idea when you have church the next morning but we made it. ;-)

I am so grateful to God for His grace and mercy that has kept me thus far. I pray he continues to keep me as I strive to “glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.” Thanks for reading!


See ya later!





I fell in love with this group when I heard their song “Who You Are.” But then it seemed to me that they disappeared from the radio world for a while and reappeared when they came out with another hit song “Lift My Life Up.” To here the ridiculously awesome acoustic performance click here. ;-) Anyway, I subscribed to their YouTube channel and I cannot get enough of the acoustic versions of the songs from their new debut album “Unspoken.” (Their previous album was called “Get to Me.”) My favorite one now is “Call it Grace.” The acoustic video and lyrics are below.

It’s the light that pierces through you
To the darkest hidden place
It knows your deepest secrets
But it never looks away
It’s the gentle hand that pulls you
From the judgement of the crowd
When you stand before them guilty
And you got no way out


Some may call it foolish and impossible
But for every heart it rescues, it’s a miracle
It’s nothing less than scandalous
This love that took our place
Just call it what it is, call it grace
Call it grace

It’s the breath that’s breathing new life
Into what we thought was dead
It’s the favor that takes orphans
Placing crowns upon their heads
It’s the hope for our tomorrows
The rock on which we stand
It’s a strong and mighty fortress
Even Hell can’t stand against


Amazing, unshaking
This is grace, this is grace
Unchanging, unfailing
This is grace, this is grace



I hope you enjoyed this! I’m a big fan of their music. Thanks for reading!

Good punishment for a OCD person

Good punishment for a OCD person. That would drive me insane. I’d probably have to throw out the whole computer. :D


Hilariously, Mekenna :-P


This is a very good article on a womans’ journey to obeying God’s command in the Scripture 1 Corinthians 11:3-16.  When she made this statement I totally identified with her.


What was hard for me was to hear that God was asking me to put something on my head when I prayed.  I didn’t want to.  It was weird.  I didn’t see anyone else doing it.   (Well, maybe a few ladies at my large church wear hats, but only a handful out of over 2000 people.)  I didn’t want to look weird.  It was inconvenient.  It was uncultural these days.  YUCK.  “Do I really have to, God?  That is going to be such a pain!”


Then I realized how incredibly shallow I must have sounded to God.  Christ was willing to die a very humiliating and excruciating death in my place.  If it brings glory to Christ and honor to my husband somehow for the angels and for Him to see me pray with a hat or a scarf or something on my head – then who am I to say to God, “I won’t make that sacrifice for You.  You’re not worth it to me.  My faith in You doesn’t go far enough for me to be willing to do what You ask – even if it is something as simple as putting a hat or scarf on my head.”

To read more click the link below.

A Long-Lost Secret of God to Strengthen Our Prayer Lives and Marriages.


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