The Story Behind My Story

How “My Story” Came To Be

I have been saved a whole year now, and one of the things that I asked God in my prayers is that He would reveal Himself to me. I wanted God to show me that He was really there.

And…He did.

From July of 2011 to January of 2012 God moved very powerfully in my life. This is not meant to sound spooky or magical because it’s not. When I say God moved powerfully I mean that He caused me to make some serious changes in my life that I could not ignore. The very first would be July 10, 2011 when the Lord called me unto Himself. On that night I repented of my sins, asked for His forgiveness and surrendered my life to Him. (Acts 2:38) However, in my heart I knew that in order to get right with God, I needed to confess my wrongdoings to my parents. So I confessed some of my sins that I thought were the greatest and biggest to my parents but not all of them.

I believe God had a task for me in January, but He knew that I had not told my family everything. So we fast forward to one night in November of 2011. My family and I were gathered around the kitchen table talking. As we sat there and talked I began to feel this urge to tell my parents the rest of my “secrets.” I did, and at that time I didn’t know that the urge I felt inside was really the Holy Spirit helping me to do what God wanted me to do. (Romans 8:27)

So now that all my “dirt” was out on the table for my family to see and no more secrets were held. God could now prepare me for what He had planned for me. (Ephesians 5:11 and Jeremiah 29:11) In December of 2011 my father was asked to write a blog for a website launched by our church called the D6 Reformation. Daddy’s blog was published December 31st. Shortly after, one of the D6 administrators asked me to write something for the website also. I was told that I could write a poem, but again I felt this need to share the story of my conversion with others. And apparently this was exactly what God wanted me to do because the chain of events that happened after I chose to write my testimony are  to me, absolutely amazing.

             On January 23rd 2012, after much revising and editing I sent my blog to the administrator. Once she and other administrators proofread the blog she sent it to my pastor for approval. My father was scheduled by our pastor to read his blog on Sunday January 29th 2012. The joke around the house was: what if Pastor asks you to read your blog this Sunday? Hilarious…right?  And you know what?

My pastor texted the administrator the same day my blog was sent to him to ask if my dad could shorten his blog and allow me to read my blog that following Sunday.

Oh -and don’t worry my Dad wasn’t heart-broken about having to shorten his reading. 🙂

At that time I did not realize the weight of what I was going to do that Sunday. On October, 23rd 2011 my pastor preached a message called: Marching on the Black Gate Pt 1: The Launch of the D6 Reformation! Here is an excerpt from his sermon:

“The D6 Reformation is simply the application of Deuteronomy Chapter 6:1-12 (and Ephesians 6:4). We are in a fight. We know that 70-88% of children from Christian homes abandon the faith by the end of their freshman year in college. (Some say that number is as low as 40-50%, but really, if you had to lose one of your children, which one would you choose to lose?) So we must turn back to the Scriptures in an attempt to remedy this and “Reclaim our children through the power of Jesus Christ.”

The D6 Reformation is our attempt to spread the message of the critical need for consistent, fervent, passionate, and biblical family discipleship. It is our attempt to inspire every Christian and every church we can to return to a biblical model of parents (particularly fathers) taking full responsibility for the discipleship of their children.

…Only then will we walk up to the black gate boldly and take on every demon in hell to the glory of Christ.”

My blog was basically an attack on the Black Gate. (Ephesians 6:12) Even though didn’t understand the seriousness of the spiritual battle I was about to go into, Satan did. The day before my reading the enemy started to attack. Throughout the week I was fine, spiritually. It wasn’t until Saturday the day before that I began to worry. I worried about falling, or getting sick in front of the church. Then, on top of my worrying, I got into arguments with my parents that were absolutely unnecessary. However, I now realize that it was just a trick of Satan to get me in the wrong spirit for Sunday morning. But God, who has all power in His hands, didn’t let the enemy win. (2 Chronicles 20:6)

Please, don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to uplift myself, anyone else or anything along those lines.(Galatians 6:3) This was, as I hope you can see, all God’s doing and I just wanted to share the goodness of God with my readers. (Titus 3:4-5) You see, on my own I would not have told my parents all that I had done that was sinful. On my own I would not have chosen to write the blog “My Journey from Death to Life” On my own I would not have had the courage to stand before the congregation and share my story of how I lied to and disobeyed my parents. On my own I would fail. Apart from Jesus I can do NOTHING to please Him. (John 15:4-6)


Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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