I Call Her…Sister

            When I was 3 years old, my parents brought home a baby girl who was ordained by the Creator to be my little sister, Jayla. Jayla and I are very close, and that is how I feel all sister relationships should be. Unfortunately not all of them are.

            Not to long ago, God revealed to me the beauty of having a sister. During my years of middle school I didn’t really understand the treasure I had in having a sister. I was always searching for a “BFF,” (Best Friend Forever) someone who I could relate to, someone who would understand me and all that I was going through. Consequently, during those dreadful years of middle school I went through a lot of “mess” with my “BFFs.” Still, when I would share my drama with my parents, my dad would always tell me, “You still have your sister.” But of course I wasn’t trying to hear that stuff. :-)I used to feel that Jayla would never be able to understand what I was experiencing in school and most often during my 8th grade year I didn’t want her to know. However, when “friends” at school failed, I knew deep down that Jayla would always be my best friend forever and for life.

In my leisure time I enjoy watching an old show called Leave it to Beaver. In the early episodes while Beaver is still young, I picked up on the relationship between Beaver and his older brother Wally. I noticed how Beaver greatly valued Wally’s opinion and how Beaver was always looking to his older brother for help when he got into trouble. Seeing this made me reflect on the influence I have on my younger sibling. Sadly I know for a fact that during my last year of middle school I was a very negative influence. Nevertheless, I kiss my past goodbye and embrace a future guided by my Heavenly Father. Nowadays, I’m striving to be the best big sister I can be because I now understand the impact I have on my little sister.

            Now for all you sisters out there young and… “older” ;), love your sister or sisters. No matter what level you reach in irritation, the love you have for one another will always exceed it. Ever since Jayla was born I’ve been fond of her and I have never stopped enjoying her company. I am truly thankful for my sister, I thank God that he gave her to my parents first then to me. I pray that sister relationships everywhere would grow and prosper in Jesus Christ and that love would abound.

“She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” (Proverbs 3: 15 ESV)


Me and my “not-so-little” sister. 🙂

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