When the Door Closes or Slides…

Ollo readers! Got a funny story for you today.

Before I begin, if you can, think back to when you were in between the ages of 5 to 7 years old. During that time frame in your life, your thought process was totally different then than it is now, correct? You know a lot more now, than you did then, right?  Okay, now that you have gone back in time I can begin my story. 🙂


Once upon a time in the year of 2003, my Great-uncle Bill passed away. His funeral was held in Arkansas. At the time, I was seven years old. My mother, two year-old sister and I rode with my grandparents in an RV down to Arkansas to attend the funeral.

When we arrived in Arkansas, we headed to Little Rock to visit my Great-aunt Wanda in her time of grief. When we finally got to her home, I had just woke up from a nice nap on the way there, and as most children do, I had to use the bathroom.

Now remember, I had just woke up. Someone, (I don’t remember who) showed me where the bathroom was and they slid the door shut. I most likely didn’t notice. After I “took care my business 😉 ” (and by then I was probably fully awake) I reached for the door knob to unlock and open the door (as a normal door would) and it wouldn’t open. 😕 Hmm… I wonder why? 🙂

So I looked at the lock on the door to make sure I unlocked it correctly. Then I gave it another try. Still the door would not budge. 😮 I began pulling and yanking on the doorknob desperate to get it open. And when I couldn’t…

that’s when I decided to panic.

Suddenly my life began to flash before my eyes and I immediately thought to myself, “I’ll have to EAT SOAP for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!” I started yelling and screaming for help, calling out for my mother  and yanking on the doorknob not once letting it go as if it was all that could save me.

Meanwhile, in another room adjacent to the bathroom my mother hears her seven year-old daughter screaming and yelling to the top of her lungs. She hears banging, positive that she had to be destroying something.

After probably about, two or three minutes of banging and almost shaking the door out of its place, the door slid open and there was my mother. Boy, was I glad to see her. However, I can’t say she felt the same way towards me. 😉 (She was soooo embarrassed :lol:) 

I did use that bathroom again, but the next time I did, I cracked the door slightly and had my cousin stand by and guard it . 😀

 The End

*Hope you enjoyed the story and the various colors. 😀


Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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