An Honest Heart

My mother emailed me this post by Raising Godly ChildrenI read it and well… it was quite convicting. It’s very good. The author made some very, very good points and I encourage you, whoever you are, to read it. Even if it is not exactly relevant to you, you can share it with someone else. Once again it’s really good. Enjoy!

An Honest Heart 

Boys and girls…men and women: somewhere along the way, these relationships go from simple, delightful friendships to complicated interactions with expectations (or a lack thereof) on both sides. As a child, I would muddle through the scenes in a Louisa May Alcott book where a character tries her hand at flirting, only to realize its power and devastation. However, I honestly could not grasp the meaning of flirting. It took a personal experience—life mirroring literature, I suppose—before I finally comprehended the dangers of flirting and understood its power.

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