Looking Back…

Mekenna Earley


Science Homework

Dear Journal,

*OMGG!! Like, OMGG! Can you guess what just happened to me? No you can’t because you can’t talk, well in a movie you could…Anyways! I was just in an EARTHQUAKE! Scary cool right!? Well, first the ground started shaking then my house started shaking, before you knew it the whole earth was shaking. My mom’s calling me I’ll be back!



Dear journal,

I’m back! Well anyways I was sooo scared and then my stuffed pig fell off the shelf and then my life savings of $3.50 fell off the dresser! I was so sad and scared. Then I heard my mom call my name and I tried to run out my room but I fell and hit my head on the wall. When I was conscious again I saw that I had put a dent in the wall. I didn’t know I sooo strong. My daddy picked me up and said “What happened?” I told him about the earthquake and he laughed and said [“]It was just a train.[“] We live right by a train train-track.


😀 You have just read my public school science homework assignment from eighth grade. My earth science teacher instructed us to write a journal entry of someone who has just been in an earthquake. I kept the paper that I wrote this assignment on because occasionally I like to reread it and laugh to myself about how silly I was then. Looking back can be fun sometimes. 😉 Hope you got a good laugh out of it. If not that’s okay because I’ll laugh for ya! Enjoy your day!!


*OMGG stands for: Oh My Goodness Gracious

3 thoughts on “Looking Back…

  1. Bwahahah! Sooo cute. Back in the day we (my older sister and I) used to record our adventures while mom was at work. The bulk of them was us singing out of key television theme songs. When we got older and listened to the recordings, we were so embarrassed. It was still funny though.


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