Immodesty: Shirts…

Last time we talked about leggings/tights, right? So now this time I am going to talk about shirts. This really shouldn’t take long.

Four categories can be covered. Too little, too thin, too tight, and too low.

*Some information was taken from “The Beauty of Modesty” by David and Diane Vaughan

Too little:

What’s wrong with “too little”? Let me inform those who may not know. Men are VISUAL!!! If you are wearing, a half shirt that reveals your stomach it doesn’t take much for a man to imagine what’s going on further up or further down. The very words “too little”  in the sense of shirts should be self-explanatory. Right? Moving on.

Too thin:

A woman who is bold enough to wear sheer clothing ought to be brave enough to discard it. For it is all the same to the male observer.  (David and Diane Vaughan said those lines not me…)

Too tight:

Too tight clothing is sensual clothing. Remember we’re talking about shirts now. Only our husbands should have the privilege of seeing our unique shape. Be  careful of shirts that accentuate the chest area. In their book the Vaughans share with us that: “It is not just ‘exposed flesh’ that arouses a man’s lust, however. It is the female ‘form.’ 

Okay here comes the biggest one.

Too LOW:   

BEWARE  of the “V” cut shirts. 😯 I am not at all saying that you cannot wear them BUT be sure to cover your chest!  No matter how big your “bust” is no one (except your husband) should be seeing them. Especially in public!! Especially in CHURCH!!! The House of God should be the last place we see a woman’s breasts. However, sadly, you see  them A LOT.  I am not speaking on the visitors who may not be saved or have sexual baggage and are still struggling. But we should not be seeing this amongst women who”profess godliness.” Right?

**My little side note: On Sunday morning it amazes me how I see women who come in to the church wearing cleavage-exposing dresses or blouses.  However, as they go in to the sanctuary, I don’t notice any signs of them being uncomfortable. You would think that if an immodest woman walks into a church she would begin to feel some discomfort as she notices all the modestly dressed women in the seats around her. But that is not the case in the typical American church. Even in my own church. Immodest women feel comfortable in church because some of the “women of God” dress just like them.

We women who “profess godliness” have a lot we need to work on in the area of modesty. And trust me there are resources, books, blogs, surveys, discussions, and so much information on modesty but it doesn’t do any good if the hearts of women are not turned to God and how they can bring Him glory in all they do.

In conclusion, if you are not a Christian striving to obey Scripture and live holy then the point I’m trying to make will not have much effect on you because the real reason women/girls dress immodestly comes from the carnality of the heart. It’s a heart issue, and only the Holy Spirit can help you in that area.

Speaking the truth in Love,


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