She’s Thrifty!

In this day and age, clothing in your average retail store has become soo immodest that it’s ridiculous. Not to long ago, my pastor tweeted that he and his wife could not find not one modest skirt for his eldest daughter who is eight years old. However, I can almost guarantee you that if he had went to a THRIFT STORE, he would have found modest skirts and then some… 😉

>>>Me love me thrift stores!!

Now, of course my opinion is bias but hey, check out a thrift store for yourself. See what you find at great prices. (I sound like a commercial :-)) It’s amazing all the wonderful things people give away to thrift stores. It’s possible that you could find a dress brand new from the thrift store that still has the tag on it. It was originally sold for about $20 and you only pay $5!

However! Not all thrift stores are the same. Some thrift stores price higher than others and some are nicer than others. You just have to find the thrift store that’s right for you. Ya know? 🙂 Also, thrift store shopping is usually a hit or miss. Some days my mom and sister and I go into a local Goodwill and leave as we came. Other days we hit the jackpot! 😀

My mother, sister and some church fam just went on our 3rd thrift store shopping trip back in the beginning of April. For each past trip, we chose a city and then we checked out the different thrift stores in that particular city. (Yeah, we’re serious about this stuff 😀 ) We love getting a good deal!

What we enjoy more than getting a good deal at various thrift stores, is the awesome time we spend with each other. We make so many memories on each trip. And the laughter is nonstop! We almost always find something to laugh about. I love those ladies!

Welp, that was my little spill about how crazy I am about thrift stores. 😉 Enjoy your day, check out a thrift store or two, be happy, be healthy –Cheerios 😀



Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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