HEAV Convention (Cont’d)

HEAV Pic 2

This is the view from the 12th floor of another hotel on Friday. Not too much sun that day.

Yep, the weather wasn’t very favorable on Friday. It actually rained the entire day. But fortunately the Lord gave us some sun on Saturday to dry up all the rain. 🙂

Sorry, it took me so long to post part two. I left off on Friday in the previous post. On Saturday,  we split up again and I went to a session titled; “The Fruit of the Harvest.” It was a panel discussion with three speakers who are all homeschool grads. Rachel Coker, Jonathan Lewis, and Israel Wayne. It was very interesting, and encouraging to know that you’re not alone in this fight to go against the grain in this culture.

After that, my Dad and I went to the last session of the day. It was titled; “Ten Dumb Things Young Writers Do and How To Avoid Them.” Our speaker was Mr. Brian Wasko, and if you have ever read my bio, you know that I love to laugh. And this man was hilarious. I really enjoyed his session.

HEAV Pic 3

This is a track on top of the Bible in the drawer in our hotel room. My mom put it there.

Never in my life have I seen so many pregnant women in one place! It was so uplifting to see families with more than “2.5 children” There were babies and little children everywhere and I loved it! Oh and the skirts and modesty! It was just amazing. It was so…refreshing, to not have to turn a corner and see cleavage, or someone’s thighs. Take a look at this chart. This is the approximate amount of immodesty that I saw the whole three days we were there:

HEAV Graph

This graph would be the total opposite in my local Wal-Mart. 😯

While on our way to the “Mother Daughter Q&A” on Friday, I saw a sign that said “Stroller Parking” As I looked beyond the sign I saw stroller after, stroller after stroller! In a culture that hates and despises children, it was absolutely beautiful and again refreshing to see the family oriented things that I saw at this convention.


Welp, thank you HEAV for all that you do. I look forward to coming back next year for…Voddie Baucham! Yeah you read that right! Voddie B. is gonna be in the VA!

Live. Laugh. Love. Mekenna 🙂


2 thoughts on “HEAV Convention (Cont’d)

  1. Mekenna- Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I just love your blog and have heard of the HEAV Convention and it sounds like an awesome event. I would absolutely love to go sometime and hear all of the wonderful speakers. And I loved all that you said about children- that would be sooo refreshing to see 🙂 I see that you like Voddie Baucham. Have you ever read his daughter’s book, Joyfully at Home? It is one of the best books I have ever read. Okay, well this is kind of a long comment. So anyways, I hope you have a good evening and I hope that you come back to my blog soon 🙂

    Blessings to you!


    • Wow, I feel so bad for taking so long to respond to your comment. 😛
      But let’s take this from the top :-D. Your so welcome for the comment!:-) Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I love yours also! Yes,I have read Joyfully At Home. Not too long ago, I loaned it to one of my friends so she could read it. And yes it is a really good book! Thank you for commenting 😉 I will definitely be reading more of your blog in the future!
      Blessings to you too!


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