The Evolution of the Swimsuit

Ello Readers!

I came across this video via Raising Godly Children. The woman speaking is Jessica Rey. Raising Godly Children say they’re not sure if she’s a Christian and I’m not too sure either. However, the information she provides is sooo eye-opening. In the she shows three of her designs of modest swimwear. In my opinion two of them that she displayed don’t appear to be very modest to be walking around in casually. But the third with the skirt looked okay. (In my opinion…)

To see a few hand-sewn modest swimsuits visit this site and this site.

Overall it’s a good watch. Enjoy and be informed. 😀

Also, Raising Godly Children shared this quote from Paul Washer;

“What some of you wear to the beach out in the public, if someone had worn the same thing sixty years ago, they would have either been thrown in a mental institution or a prison by the secular authorities.” 


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