Hope you had a good Sunday today! I had a great Sunday morning worshipping with fellow believers in corporate worship and listening to my Bishop teach in the book of first Corinthians. Well, I’m gonna get straight to it. I’ve got some app information for most cell phone users today.

Last Sunday was our D6 Family Sunday. Many people wore their D6 shirts or other CRCC paraphernalia.

D6 Sisters

Me and Jayla. Don’t we look like twins! 😉

We launched our new church and D6 app. I encourage you to check it out it’s pretty cool.

CRCC AppD6 Apps

Take CRCC and the D6 Reformation with you wherever you go!
Download the free Apps today by visiting your Apple and Android Marketplaces .  For Blackberry and Microsoft Mobile Devices, the web APP version is available by simply visiting from your mobile device to download the CRCC app and to download the D6 app.

Enjoy the rest of your Sabbath!


Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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