I Take Over the Kitchen

Hey people!

In the spirit of teaching her daughter how to be a homemaker, my mother decided to allow me to run the kitchen for two weeks by myself. 😯 

I was to be in charge of all meals from September 1st, up to September 15. I had to come up with a grocery list, and I had to meal plan. Meal planning is planning what you are going to serve for a certain amount of time. And that’s what I did. I wish I had taken a pic of my “supposed” schedule that I hardly followed. 😉 I took pictures of some of the meals I fixed. Just wanted to share with my readers who are interested and encourage any of my female peers who might be like me, who don’t exactly favor being in the kitchen cooking. It’s not that bad! Really! 😀 

Moving on! I think for Monday (the 2nd), we ate a meal given to us by a family friend. Monday night was covered thus, my cooking started on Tuesday. We had homemade chicken tenders and roasted potatoes. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the tenders, and they were really good) (At least, I thought so. :D) However, I did take picture of the roasted potatoes but I accidentally paired it with Wednesday night’s dinner; rice with black beans. 

Rice and Roasted Potatoes Collage

The rest of the pics are what we ate over the course of the two weeks. Homemade Pizza Collage

This is my homemade pizza. I can’t take all the credit for this though. I had the help of my sister with the dough. We make homemade pizza a lot, because of its simplicity. The dough wasn’t very cooperative this time around. But it still tasted great!

Honey Mustard Chicken Pie Collage

This dish, in my opinion, was the best thing I fixed during the whole two weeks. I enjoyed making it, and it was delicious! Everyone liked it so I was happy. 😀

Nacho Tacos

This is my Nacho taco. I call it that because when we usually eat tacos, we use the taco seasoning mix, throw some cheese on the hamburger meat and bam there’s your taco. I never really liked it that way because I felt something was missing. Not too long ago, we had some leftover nacho meat from a previous dinner and I slapped it into a tortilla with some cheese and lettuce and it was like I had just discovered the key to a locked door! Salsa!! We needed salsa to hold the meat, cheese and lettuce together! So that’s how my nacho taco got its name. 😀

Table Set 4 Four

We’re not very fancy when it comes to setting the table however, when I’m in a “fancy mood” I like to take the napkins and make different shapes out of them to add “a little something” to the appearance of the set table.

Miscellaneous Fixins

Lastly but certainly not least. My muffins, sugar cookies and cheese puffs are what held us together in times of hunger while waiting for dinner to be prepared. (on some occasions)

What I learned from this experience:

Never belittle a stay at home mother, who actively cooks and cleans for her family! My sister and I have separate days to clean the kitchen. So some days (during this 2-week period) I got to cook, eat and relax. Then there were the days when I had to cook, and clean. My feet were always hurting by the end of each night whether cleaning the kitchen or not. So if I’m feeling wore out after just cooking and cleaning for two weeks, what about the wife and mother who has to cook, clean, tend to children, and her husband 24/7! Thus, this calls for a special thanks and honor for my mother who does all this and then some.  I love you Mommy!

Overall, I have learned a great deal about the art of cooking for a family full-time, and I still have more to learn. With God’s help I can improve. Amen? Amen!

Yours truly,

~Mekenna 😛

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