The Art of Human Sacrifice and the god of Convenience

By Bruce W. Robida
I came across this article, while doing a little research for an essay that I wrote last year, that I will be sharing with you guys real soon. 😉  It’s very good. I almost cried while reading it. Below is the beginning of the article to read the rest click the link that says read more at the end.

I Will Always Love You [1]

In the beginning, I was just a cell, that divided into two, and after into four cells… And all these cells had a different function. My brain was made. My heart was made, and started to beat. I could hear it. It was a beautiful sound. Thump… Thump… Thump… The sound of my heart mixed with the sound of my mom’s heart, because I was inside her. I could feel what she was feeling, I could hear what she was hearing. I was so comfortable and warm there. I wanted to stay there forever. It was so calm.

Do you know what was funny? My mom didn’t know that I was there yet. Sometimes I thought that she would be mad with me, because I would make her body be different, big, maybe ugly. But I had already promised myself that I would stay small and grow after I was born. I thought she would love me, like I love to be inside her. I could swim there.

But one day, she started to be sad and I knew that it was because of me. She said that I would be a problem for her life. I could hear her crying. I promised myself that I would never bring problems to her. I would go to school, and have good grades, I would eat everything without complaining. I would be a good boy.

One day, I woke up with fear because something had sucked out all the water that was around me. And I felt my small body without protection. Then I felt the water coming back. But it wasn’t the same water. I felt my body burning. I felt that I really had become a big problem to my mom, because she was killing me.

Stop! I want to live!

I couldn’t scream, because my voice wasn’t ready yet. I was burning, burning, burning, burning…

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