Raising Homemakers: Making a House a Home

Making A House A Home

If you’ve been Raising Homemakers for any length of time, you may have found, as I have, that your girls can run housekeeping circles around you.  I know mine can!  They can cook, clean, manage and organize as if they have been doing it for years.  And they have, been doing this for years, that is.  They have got it down.  I’m sure many of your daughters are well skilled in this area too.

The other day I began wondering, “Okay, I’ve trained my daughters to run a house.  But have I trained them to make it a home?”  There is a night and day difference in the two.  Housekeepers can keep a home running like a well oiled machine, but it takes a homemaker to make it a home…to finish reading click here.


Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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