He Is Here

Here’s a poem I wrote when I was 15. My inspiration was wanting to know that God is here and real, and growing deeper in my relationship with Him.

Your ambience is powerful

Your presence is moving

All Your children can sense You

All except one…

There is no neutrality.

Am I hot or cold?

Are You with me?

Or am I alone?

Assurance is a blessed thing.

I can’t quite grasp it.

Doubt continues to know me down.

And will You let me hit the ground?

Let me become like a child,

And You are my real imaginary friend.

I’ll believe in you though no one else will.

I’ll stand up for Your existence and power.

Believe despite your unbelief

Trust in spite of your skepticism

Have faith for what you hope for


Poem by Mekenna Earley

Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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