Uncovering Misconceptions: Staying at Home

Another wonderful post from A Noble Calling Blog. I just had to share this one because, many people have misconstrued ideas about women who stay at home, especially stay at home moms. And being that I want to be a stay at home daughter I run into these misconceptions too.

Today we’ll be uncovering the misconceptions about staying home. The devil loves to tell people lies and that’s exactly what these are- LIES.

Misconception #1: You never leave the four walls of your home.  

One of the biggest lies that we are told is that if you choose to make your career and life work at home, then that’s exactly where you’ll be. All. The. Time. Unless you just have no sense at all, you know that this not at all true. Stay-at-home moms especially get comments about this. You can’t ever leave your house- you are chained to the kitchen sink. Whether you are a single daughter living at home, a wife that makes her house a home by being a homemaker, or a mom of one or many children, you DO get out. Grocery shopping, running errands, making appointments, church, other activities, or getting out just because you feel like it- you are not home all day, every day! You do know what it looks like outside your front door.

Misconception #2: You are lazy and don’t do anything.

Many, many, many wives and mothers who choose to obey God’s Word and be a keeper of their home have been told that they don’t do any work. Some are even told that they “haven’t worked a day in their lives”. First of all, that is a big, fat lie straight from the mouth of Satan. Please do not allow yourself to believe that. Second, have you ever observed the day of a homemaker? She is constantly on the go. When she wakes up, she hits the ground running. Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cooking, teaching her kiddos, running errands, grocery shopping, bill paying, tending to her children. Those are just a few of the things that consume a wife and mother’s day.

Even if you are married and don’t have any children yet, you are busy. Keeping you home and being your husband’s helper is a full time job. Stay-at-home daughters’ days will look different in some ways and the same in others. She obviously doesn’t have all the responsibility of a wife and mother, but she is being educated in that role. She is being trained and her responsibility is to learn as much as she can. She helps with the housework, homeschooling her younger siblings, chef and baker, errand runner, and much more. No matter what anyone says or tells you, your job IS important. You are contributing something much bigger and greater to society than anyone who may be the C.E.O. of a large corporation and your value is worth much more than any 6-figure salary.

Misconception #3: You will never be able to find a husband.

If you have chosen to give up and forgo the “traditional” and expected route of college and career, you’ve probably been asked, “How do you expect to find a husband if you have given up those things?” First of all, I haven’t given up anything except for a worldly education and other things that aren’t going to help me in the long run. I have only gained. But that’s another post for another day. Second, I don’t have to worry about finding a husband. God has already chosen the one that I am to marry. He has each of us on a path that He has handpicked Himself. If God could create the Earth from nothing, provide a wife for Adam, and if He is faithful to keep all of His promises, then He is perfectly able to bring a guy into my life at His perfect timing and in His perfect way to become my husband. God is able.

Misconception #4: You’ll never make it in the world if you aren’t out in the world. 

My response to this is that I’ve seen the world and there is nothing it has that I desire. You do not have to be of the world to be in the world. As Christians we are called to be set apart. Set apart for Christ and His ways. We are not supposed to fit it. People think we’re weird, crazy, out of our minds. And, you know what? We’re okay with that! Jesus didn’t fit in and neither should we. And as far as not making it in the world: As long as we are following God’s will and plan for our lives, He is walking with us, leading us, showing us the way, protecting us the entire time.

Misconception #5: You won’t be prepared for the future. 

If you are a stay-at-home daughter, more than likely you’ve heard, “What happens if your husband gets sick and can’t work or if he passes away and you are left with a bunch of kids to provide for? How can you possibly be prepared for the future?” That’s a common thought. But my response is simple: God will provide. Period.


Libby also does a Post on the misconceptions of homeschooling you can get that here: http://anoblecallingblog.blogspot.com/2014/04/uncovering-misconceptions-ll-part-2.html 


Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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