Graduation, Flash Mob Praise, & Head Coverings

So I know I haven’t posted anything since April 29th. I’ve been slacking lately.

I been busy preparing for graduation and because I will be graduating as a homeschooler, my graduation will be very different from a typical high school graduation. My parents and I have a lot more freedom and a we can express a lot more creativity with the ceremony. I won’t be graduating alone though, there are three other homeschoolers and I’ll be graduating with.  All of our moms have been meeting up discussing, planning, exchanging, arranging, choosing, rearranging, exciting and laughing for months.


I’m really looking forward to the big day.

I’ve also been busy working on a dance routine. My mother, sister and I participated in a flash mob this past Saturday in Hampton. Before we began we passed out tracks to those nearby in the shopping area. Then when the time came we danced and praised the Lord right out in open.

(My sister and I are wearing white shirts. I’m the one without the jean jacket. I know we look like twins.)

Also about two weeks ago, my Bishop preached on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16. Yep, the passage about head coverings.  To watch the sermon and read the notes click here and here.

head scarf + round sunnies.

At the end of his message his conclusion was this:

1. The biblical tradition/ordinance of head coverings is rooted in God’s government, creation order, angelic observance, creation itself (nature), and normative church practice.
2. Symbols are important as visible, outward signs of internal realities (ex., the Lord’s Supper and Baptism).
3. Although many hold to a cultural hermeneutic, it’s hard to make that case from Scripture alone, especially when eternal and spiritual reasons for the practice are given by Paul in the text.
4. As a result of this text, which is actually reasonably straightforward, Christian women (not just wives) covered their heads during worship for the entire history of the church until very recently, and many in the world still do.Nice!
5. As a result, we affirm the practice as honorable and biblical.  No CRCC woman should feel ashamed to wear a head covering, and none should malign or criticize said sister if her family chooses head coverings.  We also affirm men not covering their heads in worship, which as we’ve said is much less controversial, and just looks….WRONG! Smile
Headscarf meets natural hair! 
6. However, given the newness of this doctrine to many of you, we do not feel we should attempt to mandate the practice for the greater good of the unity of this local body, and therefore leave it to each household to wrestle with the Scriptures and come to their own conclusions.
7. We pray that our attempt to simply be honest with the Scripture is a blessing to you, even if the conclusions run contrary to cultural norms.
8. We also pray to Christ that Satan, who is the father of rebellion, would not be allowed to use a passage of Scripture that teaches AGAINST rebellion in the church, to CAUSE rebellion in the church!  Either in word, deed, or attitude.  😉
In my home, my family has decided that my mother, sister and I will be covering our heads during service on the Lord’s Day. My mother covers her head to honor her husband and my sister and I cover our heads to honor our father.
A point that my Bishop made that really sold me on wearing a head covering was this:
 “Remember, according to Scripture, even before the fall woman was created for the man (Gen 2:20), from the man (Gen 2:21), brought to the man (Gen 2:22), and named by the man (Gen 2:23).  Yes, I know this sounds horrible to many modern ears; it just happens to be true. 
· And she is beautiful!  She is man’s glory!  God’s design is perfect!  She isn’t inferior; she is created with divine purpose!
· However, in worship, that glory must be veiled, symbolically, that only God’s glory shows.  For a woman to be uncovered or to otherwise flaunt herself was to cast off the authority over her, place herself in man’s place, be immodest, and promote man’s glory.” ~Bishop C. McLeod

Since that message (two Sundays later) my mother, sister and I have been covering our heads, so that we can obey God’s Word.
Well that was a few highlights of what I’ve been up to lately. I can’t guarantee continuous posting again just yet. But I think once this graduation dust clears along with some other things I should be back to posting regularly.
Thanks for reading! Leaving you with a Pinterest laugh again 😉
love it lolMerica!
Mekenna XD

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