“Are You Going to College ” Sequel

The most asked question at this time in my life is: “What’s the next step?” or “What are your plans now?”  Now, meaning, “now that I have graduated.” When I confidently tell them I plan to be at home they typically come back with, “You’re not going to college?” I reply, “No I’ll be at home.” (This is so out of the ordinary to a lot of people.) My reasons for not going to college are posted here.

Once we get past the shock and flabbergasted-ness of my choosing not to go to college, the conversation usually leads to follow-up questions such as:

Since you’re not going to college;

  • Are you going to get a job?
  • What are you going to do then?
  • You just want to be a wife and mother–
  • What if you never marry?
  • What if your husband dies?
  • What if your husband can’t provide?
  • Since you won’t have a college education how will you get a job?
  • What if you never have children?

Oh the questions! I plan to give detailed explanations to all these questions for all those “concerned” about my future. However, the common denominator to all the questions is a lack of trust in God. I am not opposed to  anyone who has asked me these questions. A lack of knowledge about something stirs up curiosity depending on what it is I would say. It is amazing to see the looks of unbelief that I get from people who just don’t understand.

But anyhow, you can expect to see a new series on these questions coming soon. I hope that it will clear up misconceptions that feminism has blanketed over truths that I plan to uncover. The series will be called: Gods Got This!

Look for it on a blogosphere near you……….. or you can just come here and read it.  😉

Now to leave you with a good laugh.


Uh oh

Grandparents be like..

See ya!

Mekenna 😀



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