First Day of Berean Training Academy

Hi there! Hi there!



It’s September 15th, 2014. Another homeschool year in effect today for my family. I’m teaching my sister her English subjects and my mom will take care of the rest 😉

And Fall is almost here! Time for sweaters, coats, boots, tights, scarves (oh the scarves!) hats and anything else you can thing of for fall\winter fashion. 😀

I am so ready for the Christmas season again!

Cozy up.    Encourage guests to kick off their shoes and stay awhile by setting baskets of cute socks near the fire that they can slip on. Lots of blankets and floor pillows enhance the lounge-y vibe, though be forewarned: you’re guaranteed to have a few guests linger way past dinnertime!Kerry's Christmas Tree Love the idea of hanging an initial or little embellishment with a each solid colored stocking ~M

But anyway, I have another “God’s Got This” post coming up. I’ve been taking a short break I guess from blogging.But I’ll try to get back into it! Welp that’s that here are a few Pinterest laughs.

These crack me upFunny Pictures Of The Day - 74 PicsFair argument

Can somebody explain this?




Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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