“And under His wings you will find refuge” – Psalm 91

This post brought me soooo much peace. Please read it and be blessed by it.

Joseph's Arrows


A print like the one above was hung up in my brothers’ room when I was growing up.  I remember wishing so badly for that print to also be in my room, feeling somehow my brothers were more protected than I was.  As a child, it comforted me seeing those little children crossing that horrible bridge safely, and I imagined them getting home swiftly into their mother’s arms.

This image remained with me into adulthood, and it speaks to me even more during uncertain times like the ones we’re facing now.  It reminds me we are not alone, that the Lord God is with us at our most insecure and scary moments.  He is with our children as they cross dark paths on broken bridges.

Hearing the frightening news of Ebola reaching the US, the enterovirus D68 taking the life of a 3-year old, the ISIS beheadings – a mother’s heart…

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