My Pinterest Outfit for Under $20

My friends and I did a Pinterest inspired outfit challenge.

Some examples of Pinterest inspired outfits

Some examples of Pinterest inspired outfits. *Courtesy of Pinterest*

We had to find at least 2-3 outfits from Pinterest and pin them to a group board. Each outfit had to have at least 3 items that we could look for in the thrift store. The challenge was to be able to put together one of our chosen pinterest outfits for under $20.

Here are the two outfits Jayla chose to work with.

JPIC Collage

Here are my three outfits that I chose to work with.

MPIC Collage

As our day went on my mother and sister were having success with their outfits. The search for my outfits was not going very well until we came to the last thrift store we were going to visit. And with the help of one of my friends and her mom, my outfit came together! 😀 Take a look at the results!


Whatcha Think! :-D


  • Dress- $6.99
  • Sweater- $3.99
  • Belt- $2.00

Total: $11.24!! (with tax)

**If you don’t already know, at Goodwill you can get items 50% off if they have the color of the week tag on them.The color that week was green. However, I can’t remember which items had a green tag on them. 🙄


Jayla's outfit

Price: (Approximately because we accidentally threw out our receipts! o_O)

  • Shirt-1.99
  • Sweater-3.99
  • Pants-6.99
  • Scarf-5.00

Total: $17.97 (without tax)

So that’s that! We are very satisfied with our success. We had a lot of fun shopping, laughing, eating and hanging out with friends. There are a lot of great finds in thrift stores and it’s a fantastical way to save money. My mother, sister and I LOVE thrift store shopping. Give thrift stores a try if you haven’t already you might like it.

Until next time, have a wonderous day!

Mekenna ❤


Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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