Naturally Curly | I Love My Short Hair

This past January I decided to have my hair cut for 2 reasons.

1. I wanted to do something new. My hair wasn’t curling and doing what I desired. Ultimately I was tired of the look I was sporting.
2. I had a nice amount of heat damage from straightening my hair in May 2015 that had not grown out.

So January 15th with my mother’s help we hacked off approximately 2-3 inches. But I still wasn’t satisfied! 😀



Some days later I asked my mother if she could remove a little more. So out came the hair scissors and she carefully snipped away approximately 2 more inches.

Almost 5 inches of my hair is gone and I LOVE IT! It’s so much easier to maintain. I plan to allow my hair to grow out again but I don’t mind the wait because I absolutely love my hair short!

I had been looking for products that would curl my hair and I had almost given up until I checked with a few of my YouTube professors. The pictures below show the result of my sister “shingling” my hair with water and Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel.



Not sure why I didn’t decided to cut it sooner. 😀 Until next time, thanks for reading!

~Mekenna ❤




Any comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to share!

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